Team Tennis Captain’s Guidelines
Cascades Team Tennis thanks you for volunteering to be a team captain. Please make certain you read the sections above on Play, Players, Scoring and
Latecomers. Then read below for a brief description of your responsibilities:
-  Alert your team  prior to the first day of matches that the Rules/Format has been posted.  At the first Meet, give your team an overview of the key
points and format.
-  Timely arrival is very important.  Matches delayed due to a late arriving player will result in penalties.
-  Communicate with your team prior to each match to ensure who will be present.
-  Leave enough time to get any needed substitutes.
-  Captains are responsible for ensuring their team provides two, new unopened cans of balls for each Meet in which they are the "Home" team. 
-  Captains are responsible for ensuring that they have enough players on the court for each match and for drawing up match assignments prior to
match play.
-  Prior to each match (by 7:15 PM starting time), determine your team lineup; make substitutions and ensure proper sequence of sets and discuss
your lineup with the other captain.
-  Following each match, report results immediately by dropping off the score sheet with Michele Kalin.