Court Information
Cascades has 13 hard surface tennis courts (4 are lighted) located throughout the community.
To ensure all residents can enjoy this popular amenity, Cascades tennis court rules and tennis etiquette must be observed at all times.
Shown below is the general map of the Cascades area highlighting the Cascades community centers with tennis courts. 
Click on the community center of interest for a more detailed map.
Court Equipment:
Each multiple court area has a squeegee and push broom for every two courts. Please be sure to hang these maintenance items on the fence when they are
not in use.
The Stonehouse courts also has a bulletin board where tennis related items are posted.
Court Security:
Each court area is secured with a lock.  You need a special key to access any and all Cascades tennis courts.
- Keyed access to the court is proof of residency.
- Accessing the courts without a key is considered trespassing.
- Residents are discouraged from providing court access to people without a key.
- To ensure security, please always make sure the courts are securely locked upon your entry and exit.
Court Key:
Residents can obtain a tennis court key from the management office. 
By submitting and signing the form, you  accept full responsibility for your copy of the key to the tennis gate lock. You also agree to abide by the
Tennis Court Regulations set forth by the Cascades Community Association and any amendments thereto.
A nominal fee is required to purchase a key. 
Complete the form and bring a check payable to:
    Cascades Community Association
    47620 Saulty Drive
    Potomac Falls, VA 20165
For questions about the form or the fee, please contact the HOA at 703.406.0820 or at their website at
The Board of Directors occasionally approves court reservations for group play on a case by case basis.