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Cascades Group Leadership
Michele Kalin:  CTG Leader
Guy Teyssier:  YahooGroups Moderator
Arun Bhat:  Team Tennis Coordinator
Honorary members:  Robyn Engelson (Founder) and Errol
To Join CTG
Membership is free.  However, you must be a Cascades resident and at least 18 years of age.
Past CTG members are always welcome to participate.
   >> Provide your name, phone number(s) and your Cascades address.
Someone from CTG will respond to your request promptly.
Mailing List/Listserv
You can communicate with the CTG members via our mailing list.
You are automatically added to the listserv when you become a member of the CTG.
If you are already a CTG member but is not currently subscribed to the listserv and would like to be, please send an email to
If you'd rather not receive any email alerts from the list, please send an email to
If you’d like to help with CTG activities, please contact Michele Kalin at 703-404-4022 or