Miscellaneous (Resource List)
Tennis/Racquet Clubs:
Online Vendors:
Online Tennis Tips:
- TennisPlayer.net (Subscription required)
Professional Tennis Players:
United States Tennis
Watch Tennis
- ATDHE.net (Free Streaming Video)
- ChannelSurfing.net  (Free Streaming Video)
- Tennis Channel  (Cable/DirecTV subscription required)
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Tennis Communities:
Fitness Trainer:
Michele Kalin
- 703-404-4022
Tennis Instructors:
- Gary Heinberg, gheinberg@comcast.net
- Albert Asiedu-Ofei, 703-298-9531,
Racquet Stringing Service:
- Bob Barnett (Reston)
- Pro stringer; strung for pros in Grand Slams
- Uses high end electronic stringing machine
- Phone:  (703) 478-9874 / (571) 313-0507
- Search for a stringer (from USRSA.com)
DIY Racquet Stringing Instructions:
Racquet Stringing Machine Vendors:
- Alpha Tennis (or NewTechTennis)
- See Online Vendors list on the left column
Racquet Strings and Stringing Supplies
- See Online Vendors list on the left column
Racquet Stringing Organization: