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Hosted by Tenniscize, Inc.
Copyright All Rights Reserved.  Gonna Love It with Lovette, LLC
Reservation dates:  Dec 6-Dec 13, 2009.
Reservation made to winners name only.
Reservation is non-transferable
and cannot be sold to another party.
WHEN:  December 5-6, 2009
WHERE:  Holua Tennis Center at Mauna Loa Village
     78-7190 Kaleiopapa Street, Kailua-Kona, HI
NTRP:    4.0 minimum
FORMAT:   Best 2 of 3 tiebreak sets
COST:   $20 per player
REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Thursday Dec 3 at 12pm.
QUESTIONS:  Call Lovette Llantos at (808) 217-9671
> Minimum 16 players required for tournament
> This is NOT a USTA sanctioned event, your NTRP rating will not be
    affected by tourney results.
It's no secret that my husband Errol and I love tennis. It has given us so much that we always try to
find ways to give back.  We try do to this through volunteerism in various tennis events and active
participation in the tennis community.
We also have our annual charitable FilAm tournament which provides scholarship grants to local
graduating seniors. Only on its third year, it has become very successful because of fellow tennis
players like you.  If you know a graduating senior that would like to apply for this scholarship, please
let me know and I can forward an application which is being handled by the Kona Visayan Club.
So building on that and in the spirit of fun and competition, I am launching the Gonna Love It (GLI)
Tennis Series. This entails a number of tournaments throughout the year where winners/participants
will earn a berth to appear at the Year End Championship where the best of the best will compete.
Initial plans are to bring the series to different tennis venues to showcase and support our local
Cash prizes will be awarded at each tournament including the year end championship where the
winners will be invited back to compete.
Although short notice, we're hoping to kick it off with a tournament we are having this weekend Dec
5-6, 2009. It is a Men's Singles Open tournament. Players will compete and vie to win a week stay at
the luxurious Kona Coast Resort in Keauhou ... and yes they have tennis courts there. :-)
My goal is not to make money but to promote fun competitive tennis. ALL monies from each series
will be used to cover the cost of courts, balls, and cash prizes. So no T-shirts, food or trophies for
this series (sorry) unless I'm able to secure a sponsor.  This will allow more cash prizes to give away.
This also holds the prospect for a good payday at the year end tournament. So stay tuned as we
head towards a great series of events.
Mahalo nui loa,
We are happy to report that the Gonna Love It (GLI) Tennis Series is off to a great start!
The Men’s Singles Open Tournament kicked it off this past weekend.
There was no shortage of awe-inspiring plays from the racquet wielding gladiators. 
From booming serves, rocket forehands, graceful
backhands, to pinpoint accurate volleys, it was an
amazing weekend to witness the island’s top tier players
showcase their talent, determination, and mental
By the 2nd day, only the best of the best were left
standing.  The Main Draw Final was a Battle of the
Titans pitting Brandon Wood against Kyle Schraeder.  It
was a very competitive match with the scores and momentum switching back and forth
with the swing of the racquet.  But in the end, Kyle prevailed.  He wins a week’s stay at
the luxurious Kona Coast Resort.  And by winning the tournament, he also earned an
automatic berth in the GLI Tennis Series End of the Year Tournament.
The Consolation Draw Final has yet to be played due to rain delays.  Combatants will
be Kaleo Kailiwai and Nick Yamasaki.  We will post their results after their match.
We’d like to thank Donna Bondallian of Holua Tennis Center and TennisCize, Inc. for
hosting the tournament.  Her unwavering support and kind
consideration are very much appreciated.   We’d like to
thank Mario Celarie for his help at the tennis center. 
Thanks to Nick Yamasaki for his wonderful ideas and
suggestions.  Special thanks go to two selfless friends,
namely Al Honey and Bill Schwartz, who provided
invaluable support throughout the tournament.  They
were the unsung heroes that helped get things done and
make things go smoothly.  You guys are the best!
We of course want to thank all the players who quickly signed up despite the short notice
and were eager to help get this program off the ground.  We want to thank those who
came out to support us and the tourney.  Finally, we’d like to thank the tennis community
who have given us their vote of approval and support of the GLI Tennis Series.  We will
continue to work hard to provide fun and quality tennis with your support.
Please stay tuned for the next GLI Tennis Series tournaments.  We plan to hold Men’s
Singles as well as a Women’s Singles tournaments some time in February.
Until the next time.  See you guys on the court.